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BitFrameWorks OData Code Generator is a tool that helps you to save time generating the proxy classes to connect to a OData service, a OData web api or any OData web services generated by DevExpress XPO, Microsoft Entity Framework, JayData Odata Server, RWAD Tech OData Server or any type of server that generate valid Odata V1 to V4 metadata

Our generator is focused on dot net langues like C# and VB.Net but with different generator plugins you can also generate JavaScript JSON classes, and much more, because of our open architecture the possibility are unlimited.

In addition you can extend the generator with plugins develop to fit you own patterns or the use of custom clients.Is especially relevant to point amount of time will save by generating the boilerplate code instead of having to re write the code every time you work on a new project .

Connect to any Odata Service

Are widely spread across the internet because they reduce the amount of code necessary to publish a data service and its logic therefore they are perfect if you need to share a common data layer between different platforms like desktop, mobile and web

What is included?

With the purchase you get an unlock key valid perpetually, updates and unlimited e-mail support for 1 year. The unlock key will work with all versions specified below plus any new version released during your year of support and updates, when the coverage of 1 year have passed you can still unlock the versions released prior your license expiration date but you won’t be able to unlock new versions or get e-mail support.

Supported Platforms:

Windows Forms & Asp.net

Source code included:


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