BIT XAF Data Import Module




BIT XAF Data Import Module allows you to recreate persistent objects from an excel or csv file without worrying about the Oid for the relations our module takes care to rebuild the associations.

What is included?

With the purchase you get an unlock key valid perpetually, updates and unlimited e-mail support for 1 year. The unlock key will work with all versions specified below plus any new version released during your year of support and updates, when the coverage of 1 year have passed you can still unlock the versions released prior your license expiration date but you won’t be able to unlock new versions or get e-mail support.

Supported Platforms:

Windows Forms &

Source code included:


Video tutorials

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Visual Studio Support:

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Supported XAF versions:

Version               Build Date               6/3/2015               6/22/2015               7/16/2015               8/21/2015               11/11/2015               12/9/2015             1/28/2016               1/29/2016               3/4/2016               4/7/2016             6/1/2016               6/21/2016             6/21/2016             6/22/2016               7/28/2016             9/6/2016               9/7/2016             9/19/2016             10/11/2016               10/11/2016               11/16/2016               12/13/2016             12/19/2016               1/17/2017             1/31/2017             2/21/2017               2/27/2017               5/18/2017             5/23/2017             5/23/2017               5/23/2017             5/23/2017

Are we missing a version?

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