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XPO Offline Data Sync

Make your app offline ready, you can still create and modify data, which are saved to a local store. When the app is back online, it can synchronize local changes with your backend.


Allows your XPO/XAF application to easily transfer data over the wire in your distributed applications via AspNetCore REST API using specially developed IDataStore provider.

XPO Extender

Extend your ORM at runtime. Have you had and XPO/XAF application and needed to extend the model with new properties without recompiling the application? We got you covered.

XPO Connection Providers

Need XPO with a non supported DB? We have developed several connection providers. Some examples are: Sql server GIS, System Oracle, System Data Oracle, IbmDb2i (as400), Sap Hanna

XAF Data Import Module

Manually importing records to the database? The XAF import module will take care of this and will check data integrity before committing to it.

XAF Data Export Module

As a complement of the XAF Import Module, the Export Module close the circle making transfer data between applications just simple.

XPO Profiling Tool and Query Analyser

Is your aplication too slow? We can create a report of problematic queries and help you improve performance and memory management while usign XPO best practices

XPO ViewModels for Xamarin

Want to speed delivery time and productivity while building your Xamarin app? These ViewModels comes will all boiler plate needed so you can focus in your bussines logic.

XPO Plugins and Scripting

Have you had and XPO/XAF application and needed to add a new feature without recompiling the application? How much customization do you want to allow?

XPO Logs Recorder / Backups

Save your transaction logs and get a backups/restore mechanism that works across diferent databases.

XAF Licensing

Want to license your XAF app to your end users? Anual, monthly subscriptions. One time purchase. Renewals. We have all scenarios that you will need to keep you software free of unwanted users.

XAF Unit Test Generation Tool

Want to avoid creating and typing similar unit test for each class in your XAF application? Our tool streamline the process of unit test creation and reduces development time.

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