DevExpress XPO/XAF Odata Training

Learn how to publish your XPO based applications as a OData service

DevExpress ORM OData Service

  1. DevExpress ORM DataService template
  2. Mapping an existing database as ORM
  3. XPOContext
    1. Configuring database connection
    2. Configuring name spaces
  4. DataServiceConfiguration
    1. Entity rights
    2. Service operations rights
    3. Actions access rules
    4. DataService behaviour
    5. Authentication
    6. Entity interceptors
    7. General interceptors
    8. Service operations
  5. Implementing authentication
    1. Custom permissions
    2. XAF permissions
    3. Evaluating permissions client
    4. Evaluating permissions server
  6. Deployment


  1. OData (Concept)
  2. Installing the simple OData client reference
  3. Understanding the different APIS
    1. Basic
    2. Typed
    3. Fluent
  4. Configuring simple OData client
    1. Request authentication and interception
  5. Data Operations (C.R.U.D)
    1. Create
    2. Read
    3. Update
    4. Delete
  6. Other data operations
    1. Manage relationships
    2. Execute unbound functions
    3. Adding entries with links
    4. Updating entries with links
    5. Deleting entries
    6. Linking and unlinking entries
    7. Batch requests
    8. Expanding results with linked entries
    9. Linking and unlinking entries
    10. Including standard functions in search criteria


This instructor led training class demonstrates the complex feature set of the XPO  and ODATA service in many samples.  Questions are encouraged.   


Spoken Language

English or Spanish

Depth of Coverage

This class covers XPO and OData to a great technical depth. The goal is to allow you to create your own applications using DevExpress XPO OData Service.The time limit of the class is the only restriction on the depth of coverage. 

Webinars Platform

Webinars are convenient and an efficient training option. Login anywhere and interact with the instructor and other participants. Our webinars cover practical, targeted topics taught by experts in their field

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