Hi everyone, here is the download link for the CodeRush templates that creates the correct connection strings for XAF and XPO.


Also you can find other CodeRush shorcuts for XAF in this link(the post is in Spanish language)

In the following link you can download the template files (for import in CodeRush).Please remember that you need to login to download the file, if you don’t have an account you can create one here

XAF and XPO ConnectionStrings CodeRush Templates (17 downloads)

In this table you can find the shortcuts command for each XPO database provider template


xcv5 VistaDB5ConnectionProvider: VistaDB5
xcvdb VistaDBConnectionProvider: VistaDB
xcsqli SQLiteConnectionProvider: SQLite
xcpos PostgreSqlConnectionProvider: Postgres
xcper PervasiveSqlConnectionProvider: Pervasive
xcora OracleConnectionProvider: Oracle
xcodpm ODPManagedConnectionProvider: ODPManaged
xcodp ODPConnectionProvider: ODP
xcmys MySqlConnectionProvider: MySql
xcsqlce MSSqlCEConnectionProvider: MSSqlServerCE
xcfb FirebirdConnectionProvider: Firebird
xcdb2 DB2ConnectionProvider: DB2
xcase AseConnectionPrvider: Ase
xcasa AsaConnectionProvider: Asa
xcadv AdvantageConnectionProvider: Advantage
xcmsql MSSqlConnectionProvider: MSSqlServer
xcimd InMemoryDataStore: InMemoryDataStore
xcds DataSetDataStore: XmlDataSet
xcacc AccessConnectionProvider: MSAccess